The HMC is a portable controller that uses the Power I motherboard to provide an interesting solution aimed, above all, to compact the overall layout of the electrical panel, a requirement of fundamental importance in the field of robotics and manipulation. In the basic version, which provides for the management of EtherCAT drives with the CoE protocol (CANopen over EtherCAT), it is possible to interpolate up to 6 axes by applying Cartesian, serial (SCARA and anthropomorphic) or parallel (DELTA) kinematics with up to 5 DOF (Degrees Of Freedom).
Power supply24 VDC
DisplayWXGA (800x1280 pixel) with touch screen
CaseShockproof ABS, with 5 m mobile cable
CPU RISC32 bit / 264 Mhz, dual core
Flash memory (which also includes the volume F)16 MB
Retentive RAM memory battery backuped8 MB
Internal RAM memory (fast access)512 KB
Non retentive RAM memory8 MB*
Calendar clockYes
USB1 tipo 2.0 on board + 1 tipo 1.1**
Serial port1 RS232 + 1 RS232** + 1 RS485**
Ethernet 10/100 T port2
WI-FI port*
Can Bus port1**
Master EtherCAT portYes
Local PNP digital inputs5, expandable**
Static protected digital outputs 24V2 with 0,2A
Analog inputs on main board1 da 14 bit, expandable**
Uscite analogiche +/- 10V da PWM1+3**
PWM outputs4**
Step / Direction outputsPID time consumption
5V Line Driver incremental encoder4**
Interpolated axes4 (+2*)
PID time consumption12 μS / axis
* (optional) **(as alternative to other resources)