Power D+ is the most powerful Axis controller with PLC and HMI integrated based on a high level RISC processor at 264 Mhz which interfaces to a non-volatile RAM at high speed and parallelism. The Motion Control section, which manages up to 24 interpolated axis, uses a Look Ahead function to execute pre-processing of the axis trajectories in order to obtain high performances. Thanks to the calculation power of this axis controller which integrates PLC and Operator panel, it is possible to control complex machines as transfer working centres with simultaneous processing up to 6 executive independent channels as in Robotics and in all the fields of Industrial automation where high performances and accuracy are requested. (Read more)

Power supply 24 VDC
CPU RISC 32 bit / 264 Mhz, dual core
Flash memory (which also includes the volume F)24MB
Retentive RAM memory battery backuped16MB
Internal RAM memory (fast access)**
Non retentive RAM memory4/8MB
Calendar clockYes
USBtype 1.1 + 1 type 2.0
Serial port2 RS232 + 1 RS485
Ethernet 10/100 T port2 (1 with fast access)
Can Bus port3
Master EtherCAT port*
Master Mechatrolink-II port With INT-Mech. *
SPI (for local I/O expansion)**
Local PNP digital inputs55 expandible
Static protected digital outputs 24V - 1A32 expandible
Static non protected digital outputs 24V - 60mA**
Maximum local digital I/O 215 (with FDC exp. card)
Analog inputs on main board13 with 14 bit resolution
+/- 10V - 0/20 mA analog outputs from 16 bit DAC8
Analog outputs +/- 10V from PWM8* on FDC
PWM outputs8+(8* on FDC)
Step / Direction outputs16 dierential*
5V Push Pull incremental encoder8+(8* on FDC)
5V Line Driver incremental encoder1 (CH A/B only)
Encoder Assoluti SSI16*
Interpolated axes28
LVDS interface for remote panels (36 pin conn.)Yes
PID time consumption10 μS / axis
* Optional** Not Available