Power N is a powerful Axis controller with PLC and HMI integrated based on a high level RISC processor at 264 Mhz which intefaces to a non volatile RAM at high speed and parallelism. The Motion Control section, which manages up to 24 interpolated axis, uses a Look Ahead function to execute pre processing of the axis trajectories in order to obtain high performances.  (read more...)

Technical features of Power N
Power supply24 VDC
CPU RISC32 bit / 264 Mhz, dual core
Flash memory (which also includes the volume F)8MB
Retentive RAM memory battery backuped8MB
Internal RAM memory (fast access)256Kb
Non retentive RAM memory4/8 MB *
Calendar clockYes
USB2 type 1.1
Serial port1 RS232, 1 RS232/RS485
Ethernet 10/100 T port 2
Can Bus port3
Master EtherCAT port*
Master Mechatrolink-II port* with INT-Mech.
SPI (for local I/O expansion)No
Local PNP digital inputs54 expandible
Static protected digital outputs 24V-1A32 expandible
Static non protected digital outputs 24V-60 mA**
Maximum local digital I/O214 (with FDC exp. card)
Analog inputs on main board13 with 12 bit resolution
+/- 10V analog outputs from 16 bit DAC8
Analog outputs +/- 10V da PWM8* on FDC
PWM outputs8+(8* on FDC)
Step / Direction outputs16 dierential*
5V Push Pull incremental encoder8+(8* on FDC)
5V Line Driver incremental encoder1 (CH A/B only)
Encoder Assoluti SSI16*
Interpolated axes16 (28 with optional RAM)
LVDS interface for remote panels (36 pin conn.)*
PID time consumption10 μS / axis
* Optional** Not Available