PAC controller (Programmable Automation Controller) including HMI + PLC + Motion Control up to four interpolated axes, wide connectivity to the field, suitable for automations such as CNC machines to process metal, wood, marble, pantographs, drilling, tapping, milling machines, lathes, palletizers and other special machines...

Power supply24 VDC
CPU RISC32 bit / 264 Mhz, dual core
Flash memory (which also includes the volume F)16mb
Retentive RAM memory battery backuped4mb
Internal RAM memory (fast access)512 KB
Non retentive RAM memoryNo
Calendar clockYes
USB1 type 1.1 + 1 type 2.0
Serial port 2 RS232 + 1 RS485
Ethernet 10/100 T port1
Can Bus port1+(1*)
Master EtherCAT portNo
Master Mechatrolink-II port No
SPI (for local I/O expansion)Yes
Local PNP digital inputs24, expandable to 40
Static protected digital outputs 24V - 1A16 with 0,6A, exp. to 32
Static non protected digital outputs 24V-60 mA4
Maximum local digital I/O 76 (with INT-SPI exp. Card)
Analog inputs on main board12 with 14 bit resolution
+/- 10V analog outputs from 16 bit DAC**
Analog outputs +/- 10V from PWM4
PWM outputs4
Step / Direction outputs4 as alternative to PWM
5V Line Driver incremental encoder5V Push Pull on request) 1 CH A/B only*
Encoder Assoluti SSI**
Interpolated axes4
LVDS interface for remote panels (36 pin conn.)Yes
PID time consumption15 μS / axis
* Optional** Not Available