Software package

DrawingTools: Text and graphic editor for Power controllers

It's a developing field conceived to offer the programmer advanced functions for graphic and textual editing which simplify the developing of applications, permitting to prepare them also “off line”. Its evident prerogative is the availability of a complete range of graphic objects which can be easily parameterized and used to realize efficiently attractive pages for the HMI interface which improve the powerful touch screen functions provided by the Power's operative system. The field is structured in operative windows (framework) which open at the same time with the file in editing and they can be reduced remaining side by side. It offers: 

  • Advanced functions to research and mark line of code
  • Contextual Help to the selected command
  • Code syntax control with report of possible mistakes
  • Progressive numbering of the lines with margin coloured marker
  • Functions to complete code with strings selective highlight (chrome coding)
  • Support for UTF-8 coding and Unicode to permit the use of graphic characters (glifi)

Web Server: to surf in the system

The Power operative system has a Web Server function to execute configuration and diagnostic operations of the controller through a normal internet browser. A web page is provided from which you can access the most repetitive operations; this web page which has to be previously installed on disk F of the controller, can be modified and/or replaced by a possible web page specially created by the customer. In the default web page, following pages are accessible:

  • System: provides information on the controller's Hardware and Firmware features; the basic standard functions, the essential parameters to set main board and the list of errors reported by the operative system.

  • Password: allows to access system features that are password protected

  • Variables: allows you to read or edit variables of the program

  • Status bits: to read bit information of the operative system

  • Parameters: allows you to read or write the machine's parameters

  • Info: to display word information of the operative system

  • Message: accesses to messages buffer

  • Fieldbus: permits a fast supervision on the efficiency status of the CANOpen, Mechatrolink and EtherCAT nets

  • Test: makes it possible to remotely use the powerful test systems available in the operating system, including a multitrack oscilloscope for axis calibration and monitoring

  • News: displays a text page which can be easily programmed by the customer

  • Contact: contains Tex Computer business contacts



Power Studio: a valid help to start machine

From this field, besides loading and downloading the application program on the controller, you can take advantage of functions which help to test and debug the machine:

  • Move directly the axis, both in jog and semi-automatic
  • Supervise the I/O status, variables and information on the operative system
  • Execute backup or restore application
  • Exchange file via FTP with the controller
  • Evaluate the axis functioning through a multi track oscilloscope
  • Print graphic images of the controller's screen (Dump)

IsoManager: manage ISO programs from PC

A simple program which allows you to create, manage and archive on PC working files edited in ISO code (G-code).


OPC Server: exchange data with Windows

OPC Server is a program to install on a PC which allows you to establish a connection via ethernet with one or more controllers of the Power family and to interface one or more OPC Client (among all SCADA OPC-compatible) who can supervise and modify variables of the controller previously selected through the OPC Manager program. In the software package there is also included Manager PMT, a simple example of OPC Client which allows you to manage parametric pages via OPC.


FieldBus Logger: orient yourself among the messages of the fieldbus net

This program for PC allows you to analyse the content of the recordings done with the “Sniffer” functions present in the Power operative system. Thanks to its functions all messages in transit on CANopen, Mechatrolink-II and EtherCAT nets can be recorded, both automatically during nets start up and when required by the operator and exported in CSV format to be analysed and filtered through FieldBus Logger.


PowerViewer: interact remotely with HMI

Thanks to this executable program for Windows PC, it is possible to remotely control the HMI interface of PAC controllers connected to a network.


Power Flash Updater: quickly transfer files into F volume

It is simple an executable program, for Windows PC, that allows to quickly and safely transfer the configuration files for fieldbus and the Web Server into F memory volume of the controller.



Tex Super 4.0: the first step in Industry 4.0

It records and displays informations on the production status of the machines, stores data, makes them available via SQL to other management programs and allows multi-level interaction with the various machines operating from a centralized location equipped with a Windows PC.